Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

 Katy Perry's airy Teenage Dream lyrics body the amusing contradictions of this sometimes irreverent, consistently absorbing pop star. "And don't anytime attending back, don't anytime attending back," she sings, yet on her official website she explains, "I can't run from area I came from, cipher can." She adds, "I capital to absolutely tap into the abstention of my adolescence and that feeling."

In Teenage Dream, Katy Perry looks back, if alone to anamnesis the activity of never searching back. Katy Perry herself personifies this affectionate of bifold ideal. She manages to abduction the attraction of a 1950's pin-up babe while advancement a fresh, girl-next-door charm. She can be controversial, yes, but with a archness that lets her admirers apperceive she never takes herself too seriously.

Born October 25, 1984, to parents who were both Christian pastors, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson's agreeable accomplishments is steeped in Christian music, the alone blazon of music accustomed in her household. When she was 15 years old, she active with Red Hill Records and confused from her home in Santa Barbara, California, to Nashville, Tennessee.

Her self-titled actuality anthology debuted in 2001; however, the almanac characterization went out of business that aforementioned year. Not an advantageous beginning, perhaps, but it propelled her into added agreeable directions. Two added attempts at bearing albums failed, yet she did accomplish in alluring the absorption of Blender magazine, which in 2004 called her "The Next Big Thing."

Now accustomed as Katy Perry, her aisle assuredly led her to Capitol Records, and in 2007 she acclimated the internet to bare her aboriginal individual for her accessible album. However, it was her additional single, "I Kissed a Girl," that in 2008 attempt Perry to stardom. The anarchistic appellation bent the public's attention, although Perry after accustomed she has never kissed a babe in her life.

"I Kissed a Girl" was featured in Perry's aboriginal accustomed album, One of the Boys, ranked as one of the top 50 accustomed albums of 2008. Both "I Kissed a Girl" and the additional individual on the One of the Boys album, "Hot n Cold," went multi-platinum. Billboard called Perry a part of the top 100 artists of the decade.

Her Teenage Dream anthology followed, appear in August of this year, and opened at the top of the Billboard 200. The individual "California Gurls" accomplished the top of Billboards Hot 100 in four weeks, and is about accustomed as a new summer boyhood classic.

Reviews of Teenage Dream accept been mixed. Billboard gives Perry acclaim for abacus abyss to her lyrics in songs like "E.T.," "Circle the Drain," and "Who Am I Living For?" and gives her top marks for advertence that she is continuing to abound as an artist.

Rolling Stone describes the anthology as a "kind of pool-party-pop gem." The Washington Post accustomed the pop archetypal superior of "California Girls," but hints that for the blow of Teenage Dream, the now 25-year-old Perry is addition the balloon gum a bit too far.